Currently, we are able to offer live hogs, whole butchered hogs and sides for sale.

Live market hogs

Live market hogs are $5.25/lb ($11.56/kg) live weight. We deliver the animal to your butcher of choice.

Butchered hogs.

Whole hogs and sides are available at $9.25/lb($20.37/kg) butchered and packed in bulk or $9.85/lb ($21.70/kg) butchered and vacuum packed, ready for the freezer.

Price is calculated on the hanging weight of the animal, which includes the meat, bones, fat and skin. We request a $200 non-refundable deposit before arranging for an animal to be butchered. Our butcher is Jesse Bowman of Hazel Grove Meat Shop, Fredericton, PEI. We arrange for the animal to be butchered, allowing you to decide on cuts and thickness of cuts. We will inform you of the final price and ask that you pick up your pork here at the farm once it is ready.

We do not have commercial coolers and are not capable of holding fresh meat.